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Safe Ride Programs United 2021

 Virtual Conference 

We are excited to announce that our conference for the 2021 year will be held virtually

Register for our conference today!

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Wednesday, February 17


School Spirit Day:

SRPU has spirit—how about you?! Show us your campus spirit by wearing your favorite gear, hanging up a decorative banner behind you, throwing on your favorite hat, or doing all the above.

4:00PM: Opening Remarks

4:30PM: Ice Breaker 


5:00PM: Keynote Speaker 


5:45PM: Break/Mingling


6:00PM: Breakout Session 1


7:00PM: Wrap Up

4:00PM: Updates

4:15PM: Breakout Session 2


5:00PM: Break/Mingling


5:15PM: Breakout Session 3


6:15PM: Break/Mingling


6:30PM: National Association of Safe Ride Programs Business


February 19


Work from home item:     

What is your favorite work/learn from home item you always keep close? Maybe it’s a favorite plant, your pet, or a photo of loved ones—keep it near to share!

12:00PM: Ice Breaker

12:15PM: Oregon State University 


1:15PM: Break/Mingling


1:30PM: Breakout Session 4


2:15PM: Closing Remarks


February 18


Favorite mug/cup/water bottle:

Is your water bottle decked out in stickers from all the cool places you’ve visited? Do you have a mug with your cat’s face on it? We love to see it! Grab a cup of coffee or fill up your water bottle before our session starts and be prepared to show off your favorite container!

Check Out Our Recorded Sessions Below:

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