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The National Association of Safe Ride Programs (NASRP) is now accepting bids to host the 2022 Safe Ride Programs United (SRPU) Conference! SRPU is an opportunity for Safe Ride Programs from across the country to come together in a collaborative environment. Attendees have the opportunity to listen to keynote speakers and participate in breakout sessions to discover ways to grow and enhance their programs, as well as share what has made their programs successful. Hosting the conference allows you to showcase your own program and your community!


If you are interested in bidding for the 2022 conference, please use the following guidelines:


  • A Letter of Intent should be submitted by December 15, 2019.

  • All bids for the 2022 SRPU conference must be received by February 15, 2020.

  • All Letters of Intent and bids should be emailed to the NASRP Conference Consultant:

  • Content of bid shall include, but not be limited to the following:

    • A letter of support from a Safe Ride, or similar program, official, Faculty Advisor, Assistant Director, or whomever is the Budget Authority for the Safe Ride, or similar program, which acknowledges the school’s commitment and responsibility for hosting a conference.

    • A brief introduction and overview of the program.

    • Profile of the conference staff, including advisor(s).

    • Information regarding any and all advisement of delegation sizes or overall conference numbers. If you have a conference cap, this must be included.

    • An estimated budget.

    • Description of conference accommodations:

    • Program rooms/facilities

    • Dining facilities/meal options  

    • Dining and Banquet options

    • Additional letters of support – i.e. conference sponsors, hotel support, city support, Conference Advisor.

    • Appendix – could include registration forms, program proposal forms, estimates of travel/shuttle costs from various locations, map of campus or facilities being used.

  • The format of a bid will be up to the submitting program - could be a recorded presentation, video profile, report, or other medium.


At the 2020 SRPU Conference, the bidding program needs to present their bid in a speech with a maximum of fifteen (15) minutes, as well as five (5) minutes of Q/A and discussion. If a bidding program is not in attendance at the annual SRPU Conference, bid speeches can be submitted as a video.

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