Do you have a question about safe ride programs? Reach out to a NASRP expert!


Lindsay Mason

Lindsay is the Director of Off-Campus Life, which is responsible for the RamRide program. She is an expert in....Reach out to her with questions about...

(970) 491-2248


Brittany Nefcy

Brittany is...

(970) 491-2248


Austin Lujan

Austin is...

(970) 491-2248

Director, Off-Campus Life
Colorado State University, RamRide

Student Involvement Coordinator
Oregon State University

Program Coordinator
University of Colorado, CU NightRide


Mike Savard

Mike is...

(970) 491-2248


Nick McCaslin

Nick is...

(970) 491-2248


Lauren Bycynski

Lauren is...

(970) 491-2248

Program Manager
Rider University, Safe Rides

Executive Director, JMU SafeRides
James Madison University

Community Safety Manager
University of Cincinnati, NightRide


Elizabeth Rosenkrantz

Elizabeth is...

(970) 491-2248


Alexis Drakatos

Alexis is...

(970) 491-2248


Drew Desilet

Drew is...

(970) 491-2248

Assistant Director, Associated Students
Arizona State University, Safety Escort

Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator
University of Oregon

Assistant Director of Student Governance
Oregon State University, ASOSU SafeRide

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