James Madison University

Mission Statement: The SafeRides mission is designed to provide a safer community.  SafeRides will provide a safe and reliable service within the Harrisonburg community by providing free rides to intoxicated students and/or to students who are rendered incapable of transportation due to other circumstances. SafeRides members will also work to prevent drunk driving through our efforts to educate and fundraise to help support our mission.

How we operate: Our program operates through student volunteers at JMU. Each semester we have applications and accept the best Cali-Blue dukes to be the newest members of SafeRides! Each member needs to work a minimum of 3 nights per semester, obtain 2 education points, and 1 "helper" point. An education point can be earned by helping with an event where the goal is expanding our reach in the community and educating about the dangers of drinking and driving. A "helper" point can be earned by assisting an executive member with a variety of different tasks (Membership drives, fundraisers, etc). In terms of operation nights, we operate on Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm - 3am. When a patron calls our office to order a ride, they are immediately placed on a waitlist & will be picked up by the next available car! Rides are free, confidential, and nonjudgemental! Since we began giving rides in 2007, we have given roughly 100,000 rides. Most recently in 2018, we were awarded the VA Governor's Transportation Award for Public Safety.

ASOSU SafeRide

Oregon State University

SafeRide is a service dedicated to providing OSU students a safer ride home or to campus, free from judgment. We operate throughout the Corvallis and Philomath communities, and are open to all OSU students on the Corvallis campus. Before requesting a ride please review our policies, boundaries, and hours of operation. 


Open seven days a week, with exception to major United State Holidays, and Oregon State University holiday breaks and campus closures. 7:00PM to 2:00AM.



RamRide is a free, safe, non-judgmental ride home for CSU students. Since 2003, the program has been dedicated to improving the safety of Colorado State University and the Fort Collins community.

With a fleet of 19 vehicles, RamRide operates Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. RamRide has served over 300,000 patrons since 2003, and continues to grow it's patron population. With two paid staff members and 42 volunteers, RamRide depends on Fort Collins community members to operate. 

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